• D. Samofalov PhD in Medical Science, Doctoral Candidate of the Humanitarian and Socio-Political Studies Department, ORI NAPA, Deputy Director of the Southern Trans-regional Department of the National Health Service of Ukraine, Odesa
Keywords: public administration, health care, communication, communication technologies, health care communications, public health communications, public consultations, public discussions


The article is dedicated to the problem of public discussion and public involvement in healthcare public administration and public management as one of the most actual and effective forms of influence on the matter of the most important administrative decision. The article contains an analysis of foreign approaches to communications and communication technologies for public management and public administration in the health care system of different countries. 

Governments have been reluctant to engage with communities in the field of decision-making in health care.

It is highlighted the experience of the National Health Service (England) as one of the best examples of such communications. 

For Ukraine, it is essential to develop typical mechanisms for involving public discussions in public administration and public management of health care. Considering the global urge, it is important to closely cooperate with communities and common citizens in decision-making in health care policy. 

The conclusion from this article that despite the widespread public consultation of executive and local government agencies for decisions in social services the role of community remains controversial. Even in the UK, which has historically been focused on developing a citizen-centered government, it has been found that public participation is unlikely to live up to the expectations of those who advocate democratic renewal through direct participation. It is still the issue of further study of the mechanisms of broad public consultation, in health care reform in Ukraine, and the quality of health services. To provide quality and affordable health care, it is necessary to study the needs of citizens in the field of health care and to develop a methodology for assessing this need. To involve the public in broad healthcare consultations, it is necessary to develop a legal framework that regulates public consultations on the provision of medical services to the people of Ukraine.