Keywords: security, personnel security in government authorities, legal framework, human resources, innovative personnel technologies.


The development of personnel security of the state service, which will meet the needs of the modern society, is one of the most important implementation system’s structural components of social-economic development strategy of Ukraine. The current geopolitical environment, the crisis in Ukraine require adjustments not only of economic, military, international, but also personnel policy. This process actualizes the need to search for ways to improve the efficiency of government, including through ensuring state human security, which requires a systematic approach and analysis of the legal framework for its reforming. The objective is to analyze the legal principles of personnel security reforming in the government authorities of Ukraine in the context of restructuring and modernizing public administration. The research methods: analysis (theoretical review of the scientific literature on the research problem); synthesis, due to which it was possible to combine the individual parts of the object into integrated whole (the establishment of internal regulations to reform the personnel security system in government authorities); comparative analysis, which made it possible to compare phenomena in order to establish similarities or differences between them. The article highlights the essence of “personnel security” concept, substantiates the “personnel security in government authorities” concept. The basic shortcomings of Ukrainian personnel practices in the system of government authorities have been presented. The principles, influencing on the personnel security system in government authorities, have been identified. The legal basis for personnel security system reforming in government authorities has been created. It has been noted that the legal regulation of personnel security in government authorities is carried out at all levels: state, regional, local. The internal normative acts concerning the personnel security system reforming in the government authorities have been proposed. Improving the substantive legal framework of personnel security is one of the basic areas of state service reforming in Ukraine. Normative and legal setting of the principles, mechanisms, technologies, procedures, standards uniform for Ukraine will give integrity, system, stability, and, the main thing, efficiency to personnel activities.