• S.  Lukin PhD of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Director of Center of retraining and professional development of employees of state agencies, local governments, state enterprises, institutions and organizations Kyiv Regional State Administration, Kyiv
Keywords: public space, public space. public space, properties of public space, social changes


The relevance of spatial discourse in journalism due to the design of new forms of time and new social spaces, which intervene in the processes of social change and require not only scientific analysis, a new description language, but making specific decisions related to the improvement of public relations, the reform of social institutions, governance systems, a restructuring of thinking, the development of a new psychology, an assertion of the dynamism of style and lifestyle, the norms of interaction of cultures.

Currently, the term “public space” is a rather controversial concept than analytically justified notion. The same term uniting the different diversification reasons of public space attributed to different properties, different authors display a variety of theoretical, methodological and practical implications. Public sphere has already received the fundamental philosophic and scientific interpretation, while it remains an open question of scientific reflection of the representation of public space.

Research into public space of the city gives quite comprehensive information about functioning of a society, its values, priorities and orientation, level of integration and development.

Dynamics of social change, given different views on interpretative public space, determines the search for modern functional public space through social and civic aspect of morphea field. Naturally, these changes have a particular impact on the public space, and most of his organization, and on the functional purpose and characteristics of public use. The model of “self-hosting”
(T. Parsons) can be further used for more detailed consideration temporalness space organization of social interaction.